We foster wise, dynamic collectives and the leaders to steward them.

Six-month program starts May 18th, 2023

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Navigating the Meta-Crisis

Traversing our global predicament requires high-functioning groups with excellent skills in collaboration, sense-making, and innovation.

Our trainings unite cutting-edge practices and time-tested lineages in service of empowering leaders to create a thriving world.

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What People Are Saying

"With a unique knowledge of wisdom practices and the Bay Area outdoors, and a gift for creating a special container that helped me get to greater internal clarity, Spencer's facilitation is highly recommended for anyone seeking to connect deeper to their purpose and how this purpose might be expressed."


"I've had the great pleasure of participating in a number of sessions led by Spencer Honeyman. As a facilitator, he is both playful and grounded. He also manages to strike a balance between structure and flexibility that provides clear direction while also allowing groups to move in an organic direction."


"This training is for anyone looking to expand your consciousness of group dynamics. The content is rich, full of sweet nuggets and the course is fun and experiential. You'll put what you learn into practice in the group and in your life. You don't want to miss this!"


"You bring a holistic approach, and an awareness to self, surroundings, and experience that is quite unique, nice, and refreshing. Afterwards, I felt much more open, aware, confident, excited, and at peace."


"The program worth it to me because we got to practice in small groups with amazing peers. It was no coincidence that 4 out of 5 facilitators of our first big meetings were from the program, and that those meetings went so well that we were left dumbfounded."


"I love the fact that the process gave us a chance to connect with the invisible world, trust what we were sensing through our intuition and then combine it with our logic. It is a very grounding, practical process that I plan to incorporate in my projects and work."


"The workshop which Spencer Honeyman lead was a real eye opener. He was able to relate techniques for bridging the world of creative visualization with diverse practical projects. I now have a powerful tool to continuously include people in a dynamic creative process while working with them."


Harness Polarity

Move from Instinct

Serve the Whole

Enliven Academy Cohort 2023

The Art of Human & Team Development


Our six-month cohort is a training ground for the creation and support of dynamic collectives.

Our program is geared towards facilitators, directors, C-suite, consultants, and coaches seeking to deepen their understanding of building healthy cultures. We will travel as a group through varied ecologies of practice – in dialogue with guest experts in the field — that are essential to working effectively with individuals and groups.

Through our own group dynamics, we will practice working with various hidden layers, including identity, trauma, worldview, subtle sensing, and states of mind. These skills are essential to the successful enactment of this trade. The program is designed to challenge you and broaden your leadership skills.

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❂ Meet together in a cohort container for six months

❂ Twice a month, we meet for 2 hrs online. A different guest expert joins one session per month

❂ Once a month, you meet in a small study pod of 3-4 peers

❂ Throughout the month, relevant media (podcasts, books, and writings) are recommended so as to deepen study topics

❂ Optional: Closing in-person 2 day workshop in Monterey, CA. Inquire for details.

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Spencer Honeyman


Spencer guides individuals and teams through their depths, to discover and express what matters most. He is the founder of Enliven Academy, a graduate of Pomona College’s interdisciplinary Environmental Analysis program, and a Certified Integral Facilitator.

Full Bio

Spencer has over a decade of study in transformational processes with master teachers Thomas Hubl & Diane Hamilton in the subjects human development, group process, conflict resolution, and improvisation.

Spencer ran a design-build firm for 10 years creating interiors and landscapes before realizing that he was more drawn to the mechanics of team manifestation than the physical spaces themselves. Later on, he served as the Community Director at a coliving organization for 5 years where he designed and delivered custom training and conflict support structures to assist 17+ intentional communities in building & maintaining healthy, self-organizing cultures. Spencer has trained for over a decade in Shadow yoga, Buddhist meditation, the improv musical form the Art of Circlesinging, and adult developmental theory.

Spencer blends seriousness, play, spiritual practice, and grounded project-based skills to bring clients and groups into a higher state of collaboration and alignment. Outside of Enliven, Spencer can be found making music with friends, hiking the California coastal wildlands with his family, or building something with his hands in the studio

Visiting Experts:

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Diane Hamilton
Master Facilitator

Diane is the founder and lead trainer of the Real LIFE Programs. She is an award-winning mediator, and a teacher of Zen meditation. She received dharma transmission from Genpo Merzel Roshi in 2006.

Full Bio

Diane served as the Director of Dispute Resolution for the Utah Judiciary from 1994 - 1999, mediating many kinds of matters from simple neighborhood disputes to complex, multi-party negotiations. She was most recognized for her skills in facilitating the difficult conversations related to race, gender, and religion in Utah.

She began working with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute in 2004, and for fifteen years has held transformative containers for many people interested in their own development. She is the author of three books, most recently Compassionate Conversations, co-authored with Gabriel Wilson and Kimberly Loh.

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Dustin DiPerna
Meditation Teacher

Dustin DiPerna is a Harvard-trained scholar of world religions. He currently serves as adjunct professor at Stanford University where he teaches classes on meditation, human flourishing, and purpose finding.

Full Bio

Dustin spent 20 years studying with Ken Wilber and is considered an expert in Integral Theory. He is a senior teacher of Tibetan meditation practices in the Pointing Out Way Lineage and studied with his main meditation teacher, Daniel P. Brown, for 16 years. Dustin and Dan co-taught Mahamudra and Dzogchen meditation retreats together for 10 years until Dan’s passing. Dustin teaches regularly in the US, Europe, Australia, and China.

Through his writing, teaching, and entrepreneurship, Dustin helps people find happier and more fulfilling ways of being in the world. His books include Streams of Wisdom, Evolution's Ally, and Earth is Eden. An avid lover of art, design, and nature, he lives in California with his wife, Amanda, and daughters, Jaya and Rumi.

Gabriel Wilson
DEI Specialist

Gabriel Wilson is an Integral facilitator, leadership advisor, and co-author of Compassionate Conversations.

Full Bio

He grew up in New York City and in Rio de Janeiro, the son of an inter-racial and cross-cultural marriage. This naturally led him to explore the power of radical collaboration in committed, diverse relationships. Through Stanford's Masters program in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS) Gabe studied design thinking, adult developmental psychology, and leadership. Recently, he founded "Freedom and Fairness," a program devoted to helping individuals and groups enact greater freedom, fairness, and compassion.

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Aithan Shapira
Innovation Specialist

Aithan Shapira (MFA PhD) is an established artist, internationally acclaimed Lecturer at MIT Sloan, and founder of TILT, a firm focused on evolving leaders and cultures for ever-changing contexts.

Full Bio

Aithan serves on McKinsey's think tank for Learning Innovation and has evolved his curricula intersecting transformation, skills development, culture and creativity for the future of work at MIT Sloan, Harvard iLab, Stanford d.school, and the Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship. He has trained more than 12,000 leaders, 200 facilitators, given over 100 keynotes, and delivered customized leadership curricula for more than 30 Fortune 500 organizations in health, technology, finance, and energy.

Aithan developed his research on the creative process at the Royal College of Art & Design, lived in an Australian Aboriginal community for three years to study creativity in cultures of survival, and continues to be a visiting critic at arts institutions internationally. He exhibits his artwork in museums and galleries in New York, London, and Miami.

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Kim Loh
Conflict Specialist

Kim Loh works at the confluence of communication, embodiment and mindfulness. Kim helps people navigate conflict more fluently, with clarity and compassion, and transform their conflicts and themselves in the process.

Full Bio

Kim is the co-author of Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart with Diane Musho Hamilton and Gabriel Wilson. Her past work includes mediation and conflict facilitation, peacebuilding research and policy development for the United Nations, international NGOs and universities, and work as a lawyer in London and Singapore.

She also is a guide for embodiment and meditation, teaching on and off since 2013, since completing two 200-hr RYTTs gratefully received on the healing, alchemical island of Bali, Indonesia. She has found her spiritual home within Zen Buddhism, and is a lineage holder in the White Plum Asanga. Kim is grateful to live and play on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii.

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Rob McNamara
Master Coach

Rob McNamara is an author, leadership coach, advisor and consultant with expertise in adult development and human performance. He is a co-founder of the leading consulting firm Delta Developmental.

Full Bio

McNamara’s coaching focuses leaders on clarifying life purpose, growing critical leadership skills to advance value creation and fostering organizational development to enhance learning and innovation.

McNamara is a former Harvard University Teaching Fellow. Through the Graduate School of Education and Harvard's Extension School, Rob taught Adult Development in Professor Robert Kegan's course on Adult Development. Rob began his academic teaching career providing graduate and undergraduate lectures and courses on integral psychology, developmental psychology and human development in 2001. He spent a decade as a professor of human development, developmental psychology and transpersonal psychology in Boulder Colorado.

Rob is known by his students for his heartfelt passion for teaching, his conceptual clarity and his playful, yet creative engagement of his student's bodies, minds and hearts.

Course Dates:

May 18th - Oct 19th

Live Calls:

Every other Thursday  8 - 10AM PST

11AM - 1PM EST | 5 - 7PM CET

Course Journey:

The Frame:
May 18
June 1 -
Diane Hamilton

The Importance of Roots:
June 15
June 29 -
Dustin DiPerna

Working with Conflict:
July 13
July 27 -
Kim Loh

How to Innovate:
August 10
August 24
- Aithan Shapira

Working with Difference:
September 7
September 21 -
Gabriel Wilson

Group Ensoulment: 
October 5
October 19 -
Rob McNamara


Attuning to group dynamics including communication and subtle energy.

Navigating differing values and worldviews in the room.

Creating the conditions for innovation to emerge.

Developing a meditative or pure awareness perspective to give space to what needs to happen in a group, without judgment.

Techniques for integrating shadow material and understanding trauma responses that inevitably arise.

Honing mediation techniques to navigate disagreement and move through tension effectively.

Working with hierarchy, power, and identity without getting stuck in the mire.

Refining intuitive and somatic awareness for creative intervention


Live classes w/ guest experts

Community of Peers

Relevant Resource Library

Optional Mentorship Track

Optional In-Person Workshop

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Early Bird Price


available until March 1st

(One single payment or 6 payments of $333/mo)

Full Price


after March 1st

(One single payment or 6 payments of $383/mo)


+  What will I get from this program?

You will gain confidence, proficiency, and nuance in your style as a leader, facilitator, or coach. We will move through some important and complex topics including diversity issues, innovation cultures, and subtle dimensions of groups that will give you a broader perception for how you move through the world.

This program is designed to introduce intermediate and advanced skills for working with real people in more fulfilling and clear ways in both your personal and work lives.

+  What kind of people participate in these trainings?

Folks who join include directors and C-suite of innovative organizations, consultants, organizational hackers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and people from other fields who are looking to build out their skills in working with people, teams, culture, and groups.

This is a community container to help you take your work to the next level. If you are newer to these trades, it also serves as a starting point for building skill in leadership, facilitation, or one-on-one work with clients.

This program attracts people seeking camaraderie, challenge, and inspiration.

+  What happens if I miss a session?

Recordings of all classes will be made available to participants a few days after each course. However, it is encouraged to join live sessions as much as possible for optimal learning.

+  What is the application process?

The application is a simple online form to fill out with some information about your interest and goals for us to get a sense of where you are coming from. This helps the staff attune to the constellation of people and interests in the group and to see if it is a good fit. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis until the course is full and if there are any questions we'll reach out. You should hear back from us within one week of submitting for next steps.

+  What is the “workshop” option of the program?

Depending on numbers, there will be an optional 2-day closing workshop held in Monterey, CA at the end of the program (additional cost). For those interested please email hello@enlivenacademy.com.

+ What is the “mentorship” track of the program?

Special rates are given to participants for one-on-one coaching over the duration of the course. This is an opportunity to deepen learnings and clarify purpose in a intimate container. Email hello@enlivenacademy.com for more information.

+  Are scholarships available? How do I apply?

Yes, we do have scholarships available. On the application form, there is a section where you can mark if you would like to be considered for scholarship and tell us a bit about your situation.

+  What happens on the live calls?

There are two live calls per month. One of these calls is joined by a guest expert and one is with Spencer and Enliven support staff. The calls will have a wide range of content depending on where we are in the overall arc, who is presenting, and what is alive in the room. There is an emphasis on experiential practice that ranges from personal/reflective to small group to whole group formats.